Molecheck’s® expert skin cancer doctors are trained to international standards in dermoscopy, enabling them to diagnose melanoma and other skin cancers often before they can be detected with a standard scan.

Dr David LangfordFounder of Molecheck® Dr David Langford, was New Zealand's first Board member on the International Dermoscopy Society. He was internationally recognised for his expertise in skin cancer and melanoma diagnosis and was a co-author of eight papers published in highly-respected British and American medical journals. His expertise in skin cancer was acknowledged by his peers and he was both a speaker and a chairman at international conferences on dermoscopy and skin cancer. Dr Langford personally supervised the training of  Molecheck® doctors to ensure that they achieved a world-class level of skill in the early diagnosis of skin cancer with dermoscopy. Dr Langford has now retired.

Molecheck's team of doctors have a passion and dedication to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. So when you visit Molecheck® you will be seen by a highly-skilled skin cancer doctor who is able to make a diagnosis on the spot – you will not be checked by a technician or nurse.


What is the International Dermoscopy Society (IDS)?

The International Dermoscopy Society was formed in 2003 to promote clinical research in dermoscopy with a view to helping and improving education of doctors in dermoscopy. The board of the IDS is composed of most of the world's leading experts in dermoscopy. Dr Langford was priviledged to be on the board of the IDS from its inception. By engaging Molecheck® to conduct your skin cancer examination you are tapping into this invaluable resource. You can be assured that Molecheck® doctors are up-to-date with global advances in the field of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.