Mole Examination

A molemap by itself is not as comprehensive as you think!

Early detection of your melanoma, other skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesion by our highly skilled melanoma doctors using much more than mole-mapping alone, usually means a cure ... and you get your results immediately

Meticulous examination by an expert skin cancer doctor

At Molecheck® experienced melanoma doctors, with world-class skin cancer training, use a new technology called dermoscopy to detect melanoma and other skin cancers. This is the most accurate, thorough and comprehensive skin cancer and melanoma check available.


Molecheck® doctors also use other examination skills to diagnose skin cancers and pre-cancers which often cannot be detected by mole mapping techniques. Checks which rely on mole maps alone may not identify these specific skin cancers. Apart from skin cancer detection, dermoscopy technology also enables Molecheck® melanoma doctors to confidently diagnose many types of benign growths, therefore avoiding unnecessary anxieties and surgery.

Latest technology to detect melanoma and other skin cancers

Skin cancer and melanomas can be successfully treated if diagnosed early - early diagnosis is vital to a cure. Molecheck’s® highly skilled melanoma doctors use the latest dermoscopy techniques to view structures beneath the skin surface (including extremely subtle, tiny cancer blood vessels), enabling them to diagnose melanoma and other skin cancers before they can be seen with the naked eye. Standard mole-mapping using only scanning technology, can compress these tiny blood vessels under the skin surface, making them invisible and therefore reducing the accuracy of diagnosis. Skin cancer can occur on any part of the skin, not just in moles. For this reason a Molecheck® melanoma doctor's clinical and dermoscopic examination, has major advantages over standard mole mapping alone.


Immediate diagnosis

At Molecheck® you are examined by experienced skin cancer doctors who will discuss the significance of all skin lesions, moles and possible skin cancers with you at the time of the examination. If treatment is required this will be explained to you during your consultation – there is no waiting for results – so you experience less anxiety.


Precancerous lesions treated on-the-spot

Access to highly skilled skin cancer doctors at the time of your initial consultation enables the detection and treatment of most precancerous lesions on-the-spot using cryotherapy, before they become cancerous. These pre-cancerous lesions are not normally detected by mole mapping techniques. This is another reason why it is so important to be examined by a melanoma doctor.There is no additional fee when these treatments are carried out during a standard full-body Molecheck® examination.


Scans (mole maps)

All Molecheck® examinations are conducted initially using a hand-held, surface microscope (dermoscope). However occasionally these assessments will also require a dermoscopic scan, (commonly known as a mole map) to be taken of individual moles. These permanent images are used when subsequent comparison is needed and to ensure that you are not subjected to unnecessary surgery. An initial examination using a dermoscope removes the need to generate a mole map of the entire body and increases the likelihood of early detection. 

Benign lesions treated on-the-spot

Some unsightly or unwanted spots, lumps and discolourations can be removed using cryotherapy during your consultation with your Molecheck® doctor. There is no additional fee for treatments carried out during a standard full-body Molecheck® examination.  


Examination protocol respects patient modesty

 Molecheck® melanoma doctors take the issue of patient modesty very seriously. Each area of your body is examined in turn - so you only need to be partly undressed at any one time. A Molecheck® skin cancer examination does not normally include an examination of the breast, buttock, genital or non-bald scalp areas. Patients should check these areas before undergoing the Molecheck® examination and ask the Molecheck® melanoma doctor to check any moles located in these areas. A scalp check is best carried out with an assistant and by making multiple parts in wet hair. A chaperone is available on request.


Male and female Molecheck® doctors available

It is important to the team at Molecheck® that you feel completely relaxed and comfortable during your examination. To assist with this both male and female doctors are available to examine you. You are welcome to request your preference for a male or female doctor, when you book your appointment.


Surgery available at each clinic

In the event that surgery is required Molecheck® doctors can refer you to a plastic surgeon or back to your own GP if you prefer. In our Auckland clinic we also offer a specialised melanoma surgeon. Several Molecheck® melanoma doctors also undertake surgery in our Christchurch clinic. 

Mole map