The dermoscopy technique used at Molecheck® has been recommended in the latest Australasian melanoma guidelines. Molecheck® is more comprehensive than just mole mapping alone:

  • You are personally examined by an expert melanoma doctor who can give you an immediate diagnosis
  • Precancerous lesions (not normally detected by mole-mapping) are also diagnosed and treated with cryotherapy at no additional charge
  • Some skin cancers do not occur in moles. These cancers which may not be detected by a mole map alone, are also diagnosed by our expert melanoma doctors

Melanoma detected & treated at an early stage can usually be cured

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What you See
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Simple mole mapping techniques often fail to detect precancerous lesions

Cancers which may not be detected by a mole map alone, are diagnosed and treated by our expert melanoma doctors. 
In the event that surgery is required we can refer you to a plastic surgeon or back to your own GP if you prefer. We also offer a specialized melanoma surgeon in our Auckland clinic. Molecheck doctors also undertake surgery in our Christchurch clinic.

Early detection is the best way to stack the odds in your favour

Early detection of your melanoma or other skin cancer or precancerous lesion usually means a cure. Unfortunately 1000s of Kiwis put themselves at risk by relying on less comprehensive mole mapping techniques that can miss some skin cancers at the crucial early detection stage.
At our Auckland & Christchurch clinics you are personally examined by a expert melanoma doctor using the latest surface microscope.

There are around 70000 new melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer cases each year in New Zealand

As New Zealanders we face the highest risk of developing skin cancer during our lifetime. Having regular skin checks by doctors who specialise in skin cancer detection is the single most effective way to ensure melanoma is detected at the earliest curable stage.


Skin Cancer accounts for around 80% of new cancers each year
Our outdoor lifestyle & high UVR levels are chief contributors to our high skin cancer rates


Over 90% of skin cancer cases are attributed to excess UVR exposure

Book a Full Molecheck® Examination

Give yourself & your loved ones the peace of mind that any cancer will be detected at the earliest curable stage. No GP referral needed.

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